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Steroids have been around since ,all the magazine bodybuilders since the 30s were on steroids yes even oh no omg Steve Reeves ,John Grimes and all the rest. Hi, Tiger. Did I?

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Firstly, I want to thank you for this site. It changed my thinkin and my life. Thanks, man. Actually I can bench nearly my bodyweight and squat more than my bw. Do you think I could start this routine? And is this a good idea to perform some jump roping as cardio with fast intervals? This is advanced training for advanced lifters. Arnold built his mass early on through frequent but low volume full body routines.

Kid Bodybuilder 'Little Hercules' is All Grown Up and Chasing a New Dream

Use any low volume workout that concentrates on compound movements and focus on getting stronger week by week eg 5 pounds more this week or 1 more rep than last week. Get into advanced training when you are done with beginner gains 20 — 30 pounds of muscle, or 2 to 3 years. Thank you, guys. The Starting Strenght is good, however I think the volume is too low, perhaps.

Could someone send me some details about this All pro routine? Finally, I got one little program. Now this is what a routine should look like. Three weeks on this, i feel bigger i LOOK bigger!

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Thanks for posting this! Yes Mike Mentzer build most of his physic with volume training, but it was far far less than everybody else. While he trained for the O, he trained days af week up to 45minutes read his book HIT wining the heavy weight. Yeah, chest and back day.

Is this program suitable for teens? I train for like year and an half and I have pretty good genetics. Bro nice post! I do agree; 70s bodybuilders have the best bodies- And I particluarly love the black and white photos. Great advice. Even the ladies can use this program. I am almost 50 and have the body and face of an athletic 30 yo … my husband is quite happy. I was a competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder in the mids and have never given it up. Interesting post.

However does anybody know how much were they juicing? Screw that, once I have learned how not to over-train and I switched high volume for high intensity, real gains happened. Just want to say a few things about the way they trained in the 70 s. They were as bad then as now except there are more drug choices now. Second , If someone trained as you suggest you would quickly burn out lose strength or get injured probably all 3.

If you see most of the bodybuilders from back in the day they are train wrecks , anything from deblitating back injuries , replaced shoulders , knees and hips and not too mention heart trouble. Thats the reality. Why should your claim be any different? I agree. I personally prefer the overall look and condition of the old school bodybuilders. They focused more on the symmetry of the physique as opposed to the current mass monsters.

It says a lifter will make pretty good gains especially within their first year or two of lifting. Would this be a suitable training for me? I cannot bench my weight only 70 for reps but I can squat kg for reps and DL 3 reps. Please I need a pro advise. Thx :. Sorry for the late reply. Of course increase of strength is very important in bodybuilding but this is a secondary goal. Everybody is different, unique.

The Rock Hercules Workout Program & Diet Plan Revealed

However, in your personal programme you can use some hints, ideas, tricks and methods that advanced bodybuilders use, give them some time and see if it works for YOU. Prioritize YOUR weak and stubborn muscle on your training sessions. Namely, train them first, when you have most energy. Of course after a good warm-up to lower a risk of injury. They work still some of them, not all only if you stick to bases — right diet. You might want to give it a try.

When it comes to exercises I could give you my routine also but I think by now you know which ones work best for you. Good luck! I have narrower clavicles that somewhat stick out. Could you clarify? Adding height to the traps on a man with narrow clavicles will make him appear taller and more narrow.

Just as vertical stripes on a suit make you appear slimmer and taller by drawing the eyes up and down. A better solution would be to develop the delts and lats to increase width. Check it out.

Is ‘Bad Genetics’ really true, is there such a thing?

I have been training for 34 yrs. If you want a natural routine, go for a full body, upper lower split, str hyper split. What would you recommend for the obese guy who wants to pump iron? My shoulders are much broader, and I did lean up in some areas, but what would you recommend to cut the fat? I guess I have done every workout there is, but I have been lifting for many years. I started in I was lucky. So if you want to lose 5 pounds of fat per week without drugs, do the following. The diet will just be a sample diet, and so will the workout.

This is not for those who want to get huge, but for those that want to lose fat, and get that real toned, jacked, athletic look that actors use for movie roles. Basically you have 2 types of training, heavy weight for tendon strength, and light weight for pumping and size. Maybe this will help someone else. Breakfast: 3 eggs, 3 sausage.

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Fat and Protein is your friend, Carbs are not. Keep carbs 50g or less each day. This reboots the body so diet works its best. Most people lose 5 lbs. For example, if you squat on Monday, on Tuesday do dead lift, on Wednesday do lift from the floor, if you did bent row on Monday, do Chins on Tuesday. Get yourself breathing and sweating, that is the key, move fast, go for lactic acid burn, but do not go to failure. This will make you lose weight and give you incredible tone, and some strength.

I would like more info. Training the same muscles everyday, regardless of not going to failure, seems like a bit much. The muscles are never getting adequate rest. I am using a herbal formula testosterone booster containing ashwagandha, mucuna pruriens, gokshura, Chlorophytum borivilianum.

Just found my dads old Hercules II bodybuilding books

My pumps are stronger at the gym, my mood is better and I have great stamina and energy to get my work done. Just a really wonderful article…. I am using this to gain my own gains…. I ve been making good gains with high volume workout…. Badass routine. While todays top pro bodybuilders do train their asses off, diet hard, and take insane amouunts of drugs, the look just is not as appealing to me as the aesthetics era in bodybuilding.

Would like to see more articles like this. Best regards. Can you imagine what it will be like when the freakish top bodybuilders of today start suffering the consequences of their drug abuse? This routine will work even with sets per exercise, which is quite standard. Frank Zane utilized 3 working sets per exercise and to my knowledge he was natural, and had an amazing physique. So humble yourself and think a little bit. You notice a lot of bodybuilders trained not only harder in the 70s, but tons more volume as well…and a lot of the good ol basics.

I think alot of the pregnant cows analagy boils down to overdoing the supplements syndrome. Too many guys are consuming too many different supps for too many different reasons. We prefer supps to real nutrition that Frank Zane and the likes indulged in back in the day. Theres a great post on one of my fav bodybuilding sites that discusses nutrition and supplements in great depth.

The current new craze is testosterone boosters. Theres a huge segment dedicated to supplements that attempts to separate fact from fiction. It comes from misuse of human growth hormone. Yes, you read it right! So I can still call s Golden Age of Bodybuilding but yes, it was probably the last decade.

I agree, I definately cannot call s a Golden Age. Or even 2nd half of 80s. However I agree, I still highly admire bodybuilders of 50s and 60s. Also 70s. You mentioned names of just few real good old time bodybuilders. I know them all, and admire. Great article, will try it out in about two weeks when my programme is done : hope to see some giant gains :D. Interesting article.

Steve Reeves - The Natural Bodybuilding Superstar! - NATBOD

As I detail in my blog I work out 3 days a week as I have only just started out but 3 days a week is plenty for me especially since I train the whole body per session. I love Reg Parks 5 x 5 routine as well but I know that I would get injured if I tried that programme. Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful.

Visit our community guidelines for more information. Washington Post. Filed under News World. Universe — passes away at It's an odd 'freedom struggle' that sends 60, people fleeing to Canada for their lives, and let's not forget the autocratic tyrant who supplied the freedom-loving Americans with their guns.

Babies need adjusting to unblock nervous system 'interference' caused by birth, according to conference instructors. By the s Bankier was back in Great Britain and it was at this time he was persuaded by Sir John Everett Millais to change his stage name from Carl Clyndon, and as 'Apollo, the Scottish Hercules' he travelled around the world performing to large audiences.

During his act he would perform the "Tomb of Hercules", during which he would support a piano with a six-person orchestra and a dancer. When anyone in the audience had tried and failed Bankier would carry it off himself.

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  • In Bankier wrote Ideal Physical Culture in which he challenged popular strongman of the period Eugen Sandow to a contest in weightlifting, wrestling, running and jumping. When Sandow did not accept his challenge Bankier called him a coward, a charlatan and a liar. It read, "Picture to yourself a good-looking man tripping on the stage with the short pitter-patter of a fussy little woman with sore feet trying to avoid treading on a companion's dress, and forcing herself to look amiable.

    That is exactly how Sandow walks upon the stage. After retiring from the stage, with Monte Saldo formerly of The Montague Brothers he opened the Apollo-Saldo Academy in London, which attracted many of the famous lifters and wrestlers of the day, including George Hackenschmidt , Ferdy Gruhen, Maurice Deriaz, Zbysco, and the winner of over 1, contests and Lightweight Wrestling Champion of the World, gold and silver medalist in the Olympics , London born George de Relwyskow.

    William Bankier remained active in wrestling promotion until his death aged 79 in September at the Red Rocks Nursing Home in Cheshire. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Scottish early bodybuilder and strongman stage performer.

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