German Family Soups

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The day of the special meal: Remove any hardened fat from the top of the broth. To further clarify the broth you may use 3 egg whites. Place them in the cold broth and stir as the broth comes to a simmer. After a few minutes, strain the broth again through cheesecloth into a clean pan. The egg whites trap other proteins and sediment. Using 2 eggs and 2 egg yolks with 1 cup of milk or cream, prepare the "Eierstich" according to the directions in this recipe.

Each vegetable you choose to have in your soup should be cut small.

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Half inch dice or small florets that fit on the spoon and in the mouth. Everyone can fight over which vegetables should be included, but in the springtime it is usually white asparagus and carrot for the color. Boil the vegetables until al dente, leaving the carrot until last so it will not discolor the others. You may also cook them with any method you like.

how to make german POTATO SOUP / (kartoffelsuppe) with "Christin's Cuisine"

Keep them separate and warm. Place the ingredients attractively in the soup bowl See example. This is an appetizer, it need not be filling. After everyone has a bowl, they can begin eating. When done, you may choose to distribute leftover broth to those who want it. Bread is not usually served with this soup, but you might choose to have some on the table. Bread is usually not served with butter for first courses.

German Potato Soup

Suppengruns must have been what she was talking about and I do remember her making a soup much like this! Picked the vegetables fresh out of the fall garden, substituted fresh herbs for dry.

It was sensational. Reminded me of my grandmothers soup. It quite suddenly got cold where I live, so I am all about cozy recipes right at the moment.

This looks like a great one! Love this cozy potato soup. Well I just put this together but using my slow cooker. Since we may get a fairly big wind storm here in the PNW, nothing better than a pot of soup in case I have to use my generator for power. Stay safe, stay warm and happy eating! Barbara, On high for 4 hours then tuned down to low just before serving. I love this potato soup, we make it all the time as well. A standard German soup that should not be missed, perfect for these rainy days. Throughly delicious, will be making this again! And by the way, Aneto has become a staple in our home ever since you first recommended it.

About to try it and I am sure it will be fantastic. I have always been searching for a good soup and now I believe I have found it. This was a walk down memory lane.

German Wedding Soup Recipe

I had leftovers for lunch and it tasted even better the second time around. My grandmother used to make a potato soup like this with bacon and a rich broth. I made this over the weekend and it brought back the memories. Wonderful recipe, thank you. Hello from Canada. The fresh tomatoes we get here are imported from Mexico and taste like styrofoam. I can my own tomatoes every Fall. Could I use these instead or would it change the flavour of your delicious soup? A few days ago I finally got around to testing out this recipe. The flavors are very well-balanced.

I made this tonight and it was delicious!! Thank you Kimberly, another great recipe!! My kids loved it!

Oma's German Homemade Soup Recipes❤️

And perfect as written…I made only very minor changes due to what I had on hand — used a can of diced tomatoes, store-brand stock, and fresh marjoram and thyme. This manages to feel cozy and warming while still also feeling healthy and not too heavy. Will make again very soon. Thank you for sharing! For such an easy soup this was so so so good!! The broth is so rich and silky from the bacon. I made this soup today and it was phenomenal! I did a few modifications. Instead of one garlic glove I added ttwo crushed I used vegetable stock instead of chicken And I had half of a teaspoon of crushed peed peppers because I like a little kick!

Absolutely delicious. First time using celery root. Lots of good flavour. Because things were very bad in Germany, thousands of Germans complied. Then in the last of the s all the rights they were given by Catherine were taken away. In the Kupser and Kambeitz families when they make chicken soup they always spinkle cinnamon in their bowl. If borscht vegetable soup they always serve cream to put in your bowl. When we make borscht we use beef, cabbage, tomatoes, corn, lots of beets, peas, green beans, small amount carrot, celery, and cabbage.

We add some dill, salt and pepper. And cook for a couple hours. Oh, I forgot turnips also. When I cook meals, any vegetables left over go into a large bowl and gets frozen. When I have a large bowl full I peel a couple potatoes, dice a couple onions, add a couple cans beef broth and the bowl of veggies with water. I never add asparagus, brussel sprouts or other kinds of beans or greens to it.