The Blooding of Priscilla (Series 1)

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One deserted tropical island. Perhaps he's not wired that way. He's not gay. He was brought up to know it's not possible in his family. But he's not attracted to women either. He keeps up appearances for the sake of his family because it's the thing to do— never mind his family traumas Read more 5.

Long enough to forget the past, forge ahead, and create a terrific life.

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Bella Hunt has done exactly that, complete with a successful career, a gaggle of close friends, and a home she loves. Life is good. Easton Evans, in all her pretty, Read more Dominant Hank and submissive Austin are about to celebrate Austin's 19th birthday and their one year wedding anniversary. The festivities are halted by the shocking return of Austin no-good mother, Angie. Will her desperate schemes destroy Hank and Austin's bright future together? This erotic Someone is waiting. Despite having attracted the attention of a dangerous stalker, Special Agent Jason West is doing his best to keep his mind on his job and off his own troubles.

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Code of a Killer

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The Chat with Priscilla - The Woes & Woos of Marriage (Part 1)

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The lion of St. Anita Blake, vampire hunter series. David Rodriguez and Mari Kinsella series. Morris and Chastain investigation series. Convinced the murderer was local, Baker approached Jeffreys to utilise his scientific technique as a way to solve the murders. The first ever DNA manhunt and blood testing of many men followed — all in the aid of catching the killer. The drama received a mixed reception.

Code of a Killer - what time is it on TV? Episode 1 Series 1 cast list and preview.

The depiction of Alec Jeffreys as the stereotypical absent-minded "boffin" was cited by several reviewers. Gerard O'Donovan in The Daily Telegraph called the show's version of him a "stock obsessive boffin so wedded to his lab instruments that his marriage was permanently on the brink of collapse". Alex Hardy in The Times was less critical, giving the show four stars out of five and saying that "this fact-based drama managed to balance tragedy with optimism", but added that it "inevitably contained elements of soap". There was no naked body on a morgue slab.

That was so much more chilling.

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