Two Murders, One Life

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He didn't know her name until after he'd kidnapped her, authorities said. Jayme told detectives that Patterson would make her hide under his twin-size bed in his bedroom when he had people over, including repeated visits from his father. Patterson told her that if anyone found out she was there, bad things would happen to her, the complaint said.

When she was under his bed, he stacked totes and laundry bins around it with weights stacked against them so he'd notice if she moved them, the complaint says. Jayme told detectives Patterson once struck her hard on her back. He said he kept her in line by yelling and hitting the walls, especially the two times he noticed she had tried to get out from under the bed, investigators said. She sometimes stayed under the bed for as long as 12 hours, with no food, water or access to the bathroom, authorities said.

For three months, police and volunteers across northern Wisconsin searched for her, and detectives chased thousands of tips. Photos: Inside the house where Jayme Closs was held. The sign above the door reads "Patterson's retreat. Hide Caption. Jayme, who disappeared in October when her parents were killed, told authorities she was often barricaded under a bed in the home.

Patterson would leave Jayme in his room and turn on music when visitors arrived, authorities said Jayme told them. After 88 days as a captive, Jayme Closs escaped from the home on January 10, authorities said. Authorities said Patterson has confessed to killing Jayme's parents so he could take her. On Janary 10, the unemployed Patterson told Jayme he was leaving for a few hours. He took off and applied for a warehouse job at a liquor distributor in the city of Superior.

While he was out, Jayme shoved the weights and bins away, crawled out from underneath the bed, unlocked the front door and stepped out onto a snowy property, wearing only pajamas and her captor's sneakers, authorities said. A woman walking her dog saw the girl, who said she needed help. The woman, recognizing Jayme from news accounts of her disappearance, hustled her to the nearest home, where they called Patterson returned to the area and was arrested shortly afterward.

Prosecutors said he confessed in detail during an interview after his arrest. Since his arrest in January, Patterson has communicated with TV journalists at least twice. In a February letter to a journalist for KARE , Patterson said he had planned to come clean all along after he was arrested.

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The letter was in response to two previous letters the reporter said he sent to Patterson in jail with questions. CNN could not independently verify the authenticity of the letter. They did anyways and hurt her more for no reason. Regarding a question of whether he's remorseful, he described "huge amounts" of remorse and added, "I can't believe I did this. Photograph: Collins Courts.

The father-of-one had been stabbed 20 stab times, including through his skull and spine. Her victim impact statement was read to the Central Criminal Court at their sentence hearing on Wednesday.

Mark Nash sentenced to life for the brutal murder of two women at Grangegorman

The deceased, who was from New Street in the city, had gone to Tallaght to sell tablets and was last seen approaching a pedestrian entrance into Knockmore. The defendants were connected to the murder through a car, CCTV footage and mobile phone records. The evidence was circumstantial, but a jury found them guilty by majority verdict last month. She said Mr Guerrine had been a son, father, brother and uncle, who the defendants had decided to take away from them permanently. She said that her brother had lived a life of which his family had disapproved but, regrettably, would not listen to them.

What if we had done this? What if we had done that?

Single mom killed by twin daughters in rage over strict home life

If anything, he was a big child himself. She said that he would sit for hours playing and colouring with the children, even acting as a hair and makeup model for the girls.

//Two murderers, one heart//ep 1//Gay love story// gacha life//

She said the family had been stuck in a nightmare for the past three years, but unfortunately could not wake up from it. Instead of leaving the subdivision, she stayed close. Both of them jumped on her and began to beat her. She said as soon as I left, that the girls had attacked her. Talking with them, I didn't believe a thing that the girls had said.

You could have been two strangers and there would have been more emotion shown. This time Tas and Jas are taken into custody and charged. They are in and out of court for years, and ordered, along with their mother, to undergo counseling. Family members knew the twins resented Nikki, but most chalked it up to a rebellious teenage phase.

But these mother-daughter spats are nothing compared to the next time the cops are called to the house, on January 13, The girls are in an absolute panic. The twins tell police they came home from school to find their mother dead, lying in a blood-soaked bathtub. Police say Nikki Whitehead was stabbed 80 times with a kitchen knife, her spinal cord nearly severed. Nikki and her daughters had a history of arguments and trouble, but it was unfathomable to think these two petite year-olds were capable of murder.

Immediately after the horrendous discovery, the twins are consoled by police, who are simply looking for answers. Who would want Nikki dead? Cops soon learn the girls' father has an ironclad alibi: He was living in Canada at the time of the murder. Then the girls themselves tell investigators that Nikki has two boyfriends.

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  5. Was a love triangle what sparked the murder? Jackie Dunn. But as cops are tracking leads, and long before detectives had Tas and Jas in a quiet interrogation room, they noticed something odd on the drive to headquarters. Essentially it was right then that it was like OK, this is -- something was very, very off. Police notice something even more suspicious: the girls' complete lack of empathy for their dead mother.

    During the interview, detectives observe the twins are still wearing gloves. Asked about a scratch, one of the twins says she got into a fight with the other. As they weave their story to cops, back at the bloody crime scene investigators uncovered physical evidence yielding valuable clues -- and in Tas's bedroom, what could be the most macabre piece of the murder puzzle. Investigators begin to realize it's no former boyfriend or husband who carried out this murder.

    The killers are right under their noses. The twins' lies begin to unravel further when detectives retrace their movements on the day of the murder.

    Life sentences for two men over murder of one’s cousin ‘over a few tablets’

    The twins tell police they missed the bus to school and had to walk. They told police they left at a. But surveillance video from a nearby gas station shows the twins did not walk to school that day. They actually hitched a ride from a stranger.