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Non-Smoking: Yes! Gerontology arc. Ask a question Marielou V. Christine H. Jennifer A. Nancy C. Bobbi K. Juan D. Emily P. Mariel R.

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Damaris M. Jerome L.

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Jennifer S. David P. Pamela C. Luciana C. Cynthia D. Penny M. Kevin B. Brenda A. Denise D. Nicole D. Carla L. Maria B. Sherri D. Sue C.

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Donna P. Michelle B. Betty P. Duane P. Bonnie P. Martha W. As light comes from the jewel's destruction, both Inuyasha and Kagome declare that their battle with the jewel is finally over. Three years later, Rin tells Kaede to hurry as a baby is about to be born. Telling the young girl not to rush her, Kaede asks Rin where the master of the house has gone, learning that he had work to do.

Kaede agrees that it's important for him to work as it's their third child. They both pass the Bone Eater's Well along the way. Elsewhere, Miroku is exorcising a demon from a mansion in exchange for a bail of rice for each charm he uses; Miroku places three, which scares his customers.

A canine demon escapes from the building, prompting Miroku to call for Inuyasha. Spacing out, Inuyasha hears Miroku and easily slays the demon. Carrying Miroku's payment, Inuyasha scolds his friend for still being a swindler; however, Miroku defends his actions by saying he has a lot of expenses now.

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  6. This prompts Inuyasha to ask if Sango is having the baby now. Inside Miroku and Sango's house, Kaede and Rin have successfully delivered the couple's new son. Miroku returns, wondering if the child was born; Sango invites him to hold his new son as their twin daughters look at their new sibling. That night, Sango asks Miroku how he thinks Kagome is doing, wondering if she made it back to her world on the other side of the well.

    Tending to their sleeping daughters, Miroku says it's something that Inuyasha doesn't like to talk about. The Bone Eater's Well had reappeared in a pillar of light three days after Naraku 's death, but only Inuyasha emerged from the well. All he would say is that Kagome is safe back in her world, and there were others that cared for Kagome and loved her as he did. Both cannot help, but feel sorry for Inuyasha as he must be lonely without the one he loves. He inquires if Inuyasha keeps checking the well every three days.

    However, Kaede thinks to herself how Kagome came into their world with the jewel and vanished along with it, meaning she only was able to come to their world to banish the jewel forever. In the present, Kagome graduates high school, with her friends wishing to pursue some interesting careers. Talk to a local Advisor about this community Please call the number below to receive information about your requested location. Your call will be kept strictly confidential.

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